Local Providers in Northwest Connecticut

Below is a list of links to useful websites and a description of area professionals offering services and support to caregiving families.

Aging Life Care Association

Connecticut Alzheimer’s Association

National Alzheimer’s Association

National Association of Elder Law Attorneys

Connecticut Association for Home Care and Hospice


Connecticut Association of Adult Day Care

Connecticut Aging Services

Connecticut Choices Program

Connecticut Association of Homemaker/Companion Agencies

Alzhiemer’s Foundation

Elder Law Attorneys

“Elder law” is a special branch of the law that has to do with issues of special concern for older adults. People consult an elder law attorney when they are setting up a living trust. Or when they are creating a will. Elder law attorneys can also help in situations where families are worried that an older relative may no longer be safe living alone at home. Or if they have concerns about a loved one’s ability to handle finances wisely. Elder law attorneys can also advise you about financial options, tax matters and Medicare coverage for long-term care.

Below are links to Elder Law Attorneys in Northwest Connecticut, most of whom also offer Financial Planning services:

Michael Giardina at Henry & Federer in Woodbury

Debra A. Brown in Torrington

Allaire Elder Law in Bristol

Czepiga Daily Pope in Hartford

J. DiMauro Law in Plantsville

Brown Paindiris & Scott, LLP in Hartford

Lewis, Lewis & Ferraro, LLC in West Hartford

Tinley, Renehan & Dost, LLP in Waterbury and Southbury

Kraner & Hess, LLC in Avon

Cramer & Anderson in Kent, Litchfield, Danbury, Washington Depot and New Milford

Beckett Law Group in Hartford

Law Offices of Barbara W. Reynolds & Lynda Lee Arnold in New Milford

Law Office of Julia M. Brown, LLC, in Waterbury

Drew, Mersereau & Cohen, P.C. in Avon

Law Offices of Elysa L. Graber-Lipperman, LLC in West Hartford

Rebecca Hajosy at Kearns & Kearns in West Hartford

Law Office of Ellen C. Marino in Winsted

Ericson, Scalise & Mangan, PC in New Britain

Law Office of Lisa E. Wnuck, LLC in Soutbury

Ackerly Brown, LLP in Bantam and Sharon

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Financial Planners

Especially as retirement looms and income earning years draw to a close, it’s important to have a nest egg. Financial planners can help you manage your loved ones assets. They can also help you determine your own retirement needs and set savings goals while investing your money in a manner that matches your personal style. (Some people are said to have a high risk-tolerance. This means they tend to be more willing to take chances with their money on the possibility that they can earn more interest. Others have low risk-tolerance, meaning they would prefer security and a more predictable rate of growth.) Whatever your investment style, a financial planner can work within your comfort level to help you achieve your monetary goals.

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Aging Life Care™ Professionals

These professionals understand the process of aging. Plus they know the many physical, emotional and financial pressures that families come under when caring for an older relative. It’s difficult to be objective when a loved one is having problems. Adult siblings frequently disagree about the severity of the issues. And they often have different ideas about the best way to handle the situation. A geriatric care manager provides perspective. He or she can do an assessment and give you and your family a sense of any threats to independence. The geriatric care manager can then recommend home modifications. Or, he or she can direct you to community services, or alternate living arrangements. The goal is to suggest workable options that will support your relative’s current and future needs. Because this type of help is non-medical, it is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

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Home Health Care (medical)

Home health care is a program that allows patients who cannot leave home easily to receive periodic visits from a nurse or other medical specialist. Often this is when someone is recovering from a surgery. But it can also involve management of an illness that needs periodic medical attention. The care might include a nurse overseeing the healing of a wound. Or it could be a physical therapist coming out to help with exercises after a hip replacement. This type of care is called “Home Health Care” because it is medical in nature. It differs from in-home care, which involves non-medical help. Because home health involves medical specialists, it may be paid for, in part or in whole, by Medicare.

Below are links to Home Health Care agencies in Northwest Connecticut:

Home Helpers

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Hospice and Palliative Care

If the person you care for has a serious, life-threatening illness, he or she might start to think more about the quality of his or her days, rather than the quantity. This is especially true if treatments are difficult and offer only a slim chance of recovery.

For those with incurable conditions, whose focus is to remain comfortable and pain free, hospice is a wonderful option. It is available at no cost to persons on Medicare. A nurse makes regular home visits. A home health aide comes several times a week to help with bathing. And the services of a chaplain and social worker are available for spiritual, emotional and social support. A volunteer can even come for a few hours a week to give the family caregiver some time off.

People often think that hospice is only for the last few days of a person’s life. Not true! It is available for weeks and months. Most families say they wish they had signed on to hospice sooner. Palliative care is similar to hospice, but is available even while a person continues to seek curative treatment. Ask you doctor if hospice or palliative care services are appropriate support for your family member.

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In-Home Care (non-medical)

In-home care is for individuals who need assistance with personal tasks. These are non-medical in nature, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, or going to the bathroom. Kind and knowledgeable caregivers can provide much needed assistance and companionship so your loved one can stay comfortably and safely at home. Because this type of help is non-medical, it is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

The following websites offer links to local Home Care Agencies:

Care Pathways

Home Healthcare Agencies


And here’s a link to a 2016 article in the Hartford Courant about the quality of home care

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